wreckers gate-create space
Quyloc knows it’s a trap as soon as he hears the screams of the tortured man. Every man in the squad knows it too, including their commander, Wulf Rome. Quyloc also knows there’s no point in arguing: Rome will lead them in anyway and not a single soldier will refuse. Wulf Rome doesn’t leave men behind. It’s what his men love about him.
Somehow Quyloc, Rome and a handful of soldiers survive the trap and flee into the lifeless dunes of the Gur al Krin desert where, when the wind blows, the sand burns. But the Gur al Krin isn’t completely dead. Something lies waiting, buried deep beneath the sand. A voice calls to them – promising them power, promising them revenge – and they follow it deep into the heart of the desert. A firestorm forces them to seek shelter in a cave and during the night a huge, monstrous creature bursts up through the floor of the cave, killing the rest of the soldiers and delivering to Quyloc and Rome a simple message: He waits.
They follow the thing deep underground to a massive, ancient wall. There is something sticking out of the wall, what looks like a shriveled, clawed hand. Ignoring Quyloc’s warning, Rome pulls it free, not realizing that he has just cracked a prison built thousands of years ago to hold a god and his immortal followers.
In the war to come, Rome and Quyloc will learn that allies who offer aid cannot always be trusted, that the weapons given to them to fight a god cut both ways and, ultimately, that their enemy is not who they thought he was.
Wreckers Gate