Since I have to start somewhere, I guess I should start by introducing myself. Hi. I’m Eric. I’ve been around for almost half a century now and I’ve spent over half that time writing.
I have to write that again, because it sounds unbelievable. I’ve been writing for 25 years. Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was in college and writing my first story for my first creative writing class.
I poured everything I had into it, worked it and reworked it. I handed in 15 or so copies and waited breathlessly for the next class when my turn would come. The day arrived and I strode confidently to the front of the class to bask in the amazement of my classmates.
They hated it.
In retrospect, it was awful. But they really savaged me. I’m quite certain eyes turned red and spittle flew while they sharpened their knives and fought over who would get to actually carve me up.
I stayed cool though, writing in my notebook while they destroyed my dreams. I’m confident it looked like I was taking careful note of their criticisms, but really I was just writing down the names of the ones with the sharpest knives while swearing sweet revenge on them when their time to be critiqued came around.
I never did get my revenge. Nor did I quit the class in a huff, though I badly wanted to. I decided instead to use that experience as motivation to try harder. And here I am about 25 years later, still writing.
Since then I have written literally millions of words, the bulk of them utter crap, but I think necessary utter crap. I was finding my voice, honing my craft, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Anyway, these days I’m working on book IV of an epic fantasy series called The Devastation Wars. Books I-III are titled, respectively, Wreckers Gate, Landsend Plateau, and Guardians Watch. (I don’t know the title of the new one and probably won’t until about six minutes before it’s published. Titles are hell for me. Seriously. I hate them and they hate me.)
The books are all out on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. There’s also a Nook version. And I have them all for sale on my website www.thedevastationwars.com (where they are a dollar cheaper and come signed by me!)
Thanks for reading,