Hello all four or five of my regular readers. (You know who you are. Give yourself a big pat on the back. There’s nothing like getting on the bandwagon before there’s even a wagon.)
It has been awhile since I posted anything so I thought I’d give a quick update/apology so you know I haven’t totally forgotten.
First and foremost: I haven’t forgotten this blog. In my defense, I’ve been a little busy. (Because, you know, no one else in this world is busy. Everyone but me has loads of free time.) Or maybe I’m just lazy. I am really good at wasting time.
Anyway, as almost none of you probably know, I am in grad school. Yep, it’s true. My second year in the Masters Program. School of Social Work. The Tucson campus for Arizona State University. (Ouch. It really hurt to write those last words. I’m a proud third-generation University of Arizona Wildcat and if the UA had an MSW program I’d be going there. Instead I’m sleeping with the enemy as it were. Feel free to curse me.)
Graduate school, as I’ve discovered, is actually a fair bit of work. They make me write long papers and everything. (Which, sadly, I cannot make up as I do with fantasy.) And, being a school of social work with an aim toward doing group and individual counseling/therapy, it can get fairly intense. It’s sort of like I’m in therapy myself, at the same time. Which is why, between school and interning two days a week, I often come home just wiped out and wanting nothing but to collapse on the floor. (Generally my sons are kind enough to step over me.)
Also, I have been busy working on the fourth book of my fantasy series The Devastation Wars. This is my main excuse. I’m dying to know how this story ends and the only way to find out is to follow along and watch while the characters figure out what’s going on.
The good news is I’ve got a good 100k words on the new book and I think I’m still on track to have it finished next summer. The bad news is…well, it’s not done yet. And I really wish it was. But it is rolling right along.
More good/bad news: Some of the lesser characters won’t go away quietly but keep rising up and demanding screen time. I am trying to keep them contained, but I’m having only minimal success. What this means is I might not finish the story in five books as I’d planned. Or that may be good news. That’s up to you.
Last, but not least, I’ve been remiss due to the fact that I have a wife and two children┬áteenagers who want some of my time and a cat who demands a certain amount of petting every day.
That’s it for today. Thanks for reading.
Eric T Knight