It’s just another reality show… until the world ends.

Desperate to get his career off the ground, aspiring actor Nate takes a role in a promising new reality TV show. When he boards a plane to the African show location, Nate has only one thing on his mind: the world will soon know his name.

But while in the air, Nate and the other contestants learn something horrific – terrorists have released a bioweapon in the world’s busiest airports. With their destination airport closed and fuel running out, they are forced to crash land on a small airfield in the African jungle.

The airfield seems like a blessing. It has everything they might need… a warehouse with living quarters, solar power, even satellite TV. But they soon learn it has something else… something a warlord will kill to get his hands on.

Forced to fight for his life while every day the TV brings news of an outside world descending into chaos and anarchy, Nate’s career is now the last thing on his mind.

When the world is ending, it’s not about exposure.

It’s about survival.