Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]After Omisha had stopped crying and gone to her room to lie down, Nate went back outside. What Omisha had told him had rattled him. He needed to talk to someone. He needed someone to tell him that Omisha was just overreacting. He’d considered turning the TV on and seeing for himself, but somehow he didn’t think he could face news like that alone.
Caleb and Tamara were still dancing, though now they were slow dancing, wrapped in a tight clinch, even though the song was fast. Tamara was smoking a cigarette. Santiago was lying on his towel and Jordynn was rubbing lotion on his back. One of the liquor bottles was lying on its side, empty.
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Across the runway Adam and Kelly were standing at the foot of the stairs leading into the jet. The music wiped out their voices but they appeared to be arguing about something. Adam’s face was red and he was waving his arms. There was a panel open on the side of the jet and Carl was working on something in there. Dave, the co-pilot, was just visible in the cockpit.
Tony was still sitting in the shade of the warehouse and he looked up as Nate came outside. The smile on his face disappeared when he saw Nate’s expression. “What is it?”
Nate didn’t answer at first. He sat down and rubbed his eyes.
“Is Omisha okay?” Tony asked.
Nate shrugged. “Sort of. She talked at least.”
“Then what is it?”
“She’s been watching the news.”
Tony’s face fell. “Oh, crap.”
“She said she saw footage of India, Calcutta, and the dead were piled high in the streets.”
Tony gave off a little moan and slumped in his chair.
Suddenly there were shouts from the roof of the warehouse. Tony and Nate jumped up. Jenna was leaning over the edge, shouting and pointing at the far end of the runway. No one else reacted, the music drowning out her shouts.
Nate and Tony ran out towards the others, waving and shouting. Santiago looked up –
And the shooting started.
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