The latest adventure in the Lone Wolf Howls series, The Secrets of Machu Picchu follows Ace on his latest adventure to the mountains of Peru.

When Ace receives a mysterious treasure map in the mail, he knows it’s going to bring him nothing but trouble. Sure enough, bandits attack, trying to steal the map. Then he receives a telegram from his long-lost father, Jack, telling him that if he doesn’t bring the map to Peru, Jack is a goner.

Ace knows his father is a gambler and a cheat. Nothing good can come of being around him. But he can’t just let him twist in the wind, can he?

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And, as a bonus, I’ve also released a box set of the first three Ace novels, The Lost Temple of Totec, The One-Eyed Mule Skinner, and The Black Pearl Treasure. Best of all, it’s only .99 for a limited time! Check it out here.