Sky Touched – Signed


Signed paperback copy

As the children of Stone, Sea and Sky struggle to master their powers, the inhuman denizens of the Abyss begin to move…


Despite his efforts to suppress it, the power of Stone is awakening in Fen. The power is wild and implacable, and Fen knows it is only a matter of time before others learn his secret, and he loses everything. Unless his power kills him as it killed his father. Meanwhile, dark practitioners with unnatural powers have arrived in Samkara, and the Fist has fallen under their sway.

Aislin’s power is cold and remote like the Sea it comes from. The strange old man she meets in Qarath might be able to help Aislin discover her humanity, but if he can’t the whole city could be in danger. For Aislin has learned how to summon something huge and powerful from the depths of the sea.

When a ritual goes wrong Karliss learns how dangerous and deadly his power can be. Now Karliss has to learn to master his power without succumbing to the madness that afflicts those who get too close to the power of the Sky. And he has to do it before the Guardian Kasai destroys his clan.

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