Sea Born – Signed


Signed paperback copy

The fragments of the Key begin to surface…


After saving the woman he loves from the dark sorcerers of Ankhara, Fen realizes for the first time that his power can be a force for good. But the power is wild and uncontrollable and he doesn’t have long before it devours him as it did his father. His only hope is to summon one of the ancient Shapers and convince it to teach him what he needs to know.

Aislin has kept the secret of the strange artifact she found in the alien underground vault. But her secret is not as safe as it seems. The agents of the Devourers know what she has found and they will threaten everyone she loves if she doesn’t give it to them.

The Guardian Kasai has created new, more powerful warriors to threaten Karliss and his clan. As powerful as Karliss is, he knows he will inevitably lose to Kasai. Seeing no other options, he conceives a desperate plan to retrieve the lost words of power, but their origins are shrouded in legend and to track them down he and his companions will have to complete a dangerous quest.

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