Landsend Plateau – Signed


War. Chaos. And a thin ray of hope…


As Melekath’s Guardians build an army – one burned soul at a time – Rome races to raise a force that can stand against him. But the shadow world of Pente Akka has awakened and he is beginning to realize there are more enemies in this war than he ever imagined.

On the Landsend Plateau, the first of Melekath’s ancient enemies falls to his vengeance, but from the ashes of destruction a powerful new player arises. Will he be the savior the world needs, or will he be an agent of destruction?

Netra has fled her home to search for the mother she has never known. Drawn to the Landsend Plateau, she never dreams of the fateful role she will play in the destruction that is to come.

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Weight 19.2 oz

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