Knight of Visions – Audiobook


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Jarryd begins his quest to resurrect the Knights of Dragonwatch…

Fleeing the white dragon, Shadar, Jarryd stumbles on a camp of nomadic Nagyar. There he meets an old woman who reveals to him the truth behind the visions that have haunted him his whole life, a truth that is both promising and terrifying.

For the first time, he realizes why the Emperor seeks to capture him alive.

When an Imperial death squad attacks, Jarryd is forced to run once again. He enters the kingdom of Polartis, built upon the remains of a vanished race of inhuman creatures. There, Jarryd finds his first recruit.

There is only one problem.

The recruit is to be executed for murdering the king. Jarryd will have to find a way to rescue the future Knight without revealing himself to the Emperor’s watchful gaze.

And all the while the dragon Shadar closes in…