Chaos Trapped- Signed


Signed paperback copy


Poisoned by the shadow creature Ilsith, Fen can no longer summon the power of Stone. When the Ankharan sorcerers falsely accuse him of treason, he is imprisoned, and now faces execution as a traitor. His only hope is if he can get through to the Fist and help him see what is really happening in his kingdom. But the Fist is corrupted by chaos power and he only listens to the sorcerers. Will Fen recover his power and get through to the man who is like a father to him, or will he die on the executioner’s block?

Karliss and his clan face increased attacks by the Guardian Kasai. Karliss’ power over the wind and the aranti, elemental creatures that live within the wind, is growing, but now he faces a threat from within his own clan. Henta, a clan elder, is convinced that the attacks are because he has angered the gods and she wants him exiled. Karliss hatches a bold, and perhaps reckless, plan to destroy Kasai for good.

Aislin’s power has grown beyond all expectations. Now she must learn how to control it or risk endangering everyone she loves. Consumed by this, she is unprepared when the surprise attack comes.

And all the while Lowellin and the Ankharan sorcerers continue their efforts to open the Abyss and free the Devourers…

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