Ace Lone Wolf and the Lost Temple of Totec – Audiobook


“Think Raiders of the Lost Ark meets The Mummy…”

People who search for the lost Temple of Totec have a way of turning up dead…

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Ace Lone Wolf, a half-Apache gunslinger with a quick draw and a penchant for finding trouble, is about to be hanged for a murder he didn’t commit. Then Victoria, a beautiful English noblewoman, and her hulking manservant, Block, break him out of jail.

Victoria’s father, a famed archaeologist from London, disappeared while searching for the lost temple of the bloodthirsty Aztec god Xipe Totec and she needs Ace’s help to find him.

Follow along as Ace and his new companions blaze a trail across the Old West. Along the way Ace tangles with everyone from Wyatt Earp to Geronimo and finally journeys into the depths of the mighty Sierra Madre Mountains to a temple wreathed in mystery.

At once fast-paced, exciting and laugh-out-loud funny, The Lost Temple of Totec is an irreverent, darkly comic thrill ride.

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