They are the lucky ones, chosen to be contestants on the latest reality show. A private jet whisks them away to Africa, heading for the exotic island of Madagascar, where fame and fortune await. But while flying there they receive news that terrorists have released a biological agent in the world’s busiest airports. Every airport is shut down. With their fuel running out, they are forced to crash land on a jungle airfield in the war-torn nation of Mwinda.
But they soon learn that the airfield – complete with a warehouse, solar power, food and water, even satellite TV – comes with a price. Armed men attack them. The flight crew is killed, the jet destroyed by a rocket. When they find a cache of drugs and guns in the warehouse, they realize the airfield belongs to a war lord.
Life becomes a battle for survival against a ruthless enemy, while every day the TV delivers news that grows worse and worse. The terrorist virus is sweeping across the world, killing millions of people. There will be no rescue from the outside, but they are not alone.
They are being watched…
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