ace-lone-wolfd5-v2It’s true. Today the nomination period for Ace Lone Wolf and the Lost Temple of Totec ends. Sometime in the next week or so I’ll find out whether or not Kindle Scout wants to publish this, the first of the Lone Wolf Howls series.
Even if they don’t select it, don’t fret because Ace’s adventures will still see the light of day. I’ll publish it myself. After all, I’ve published a number of other books already. (Wreckers Gate, book 1 in my first fantasy series, is doing especially well. Over 1200 copies downloaded in the last two days alone. It’s free as an introduction to the Immortality & Chaos series and you can get yours here.)
So if you get a moment today, head on over and nominate Ace. (You can start reading the story here.)
Finally, if you’re interested in an Author Review Copy, just message me and let me know. You’ll get your own copy before everyone else and the chance to put up a review before the book is officially for sale.
Thanks for reading, Eric