Ace Lone Wolf and the Black Pearl Treasure is now on sale!
It’s true. The third installment in the Lone Wolf Howls series is now on sale. Best of all, for a limited time you can purchase it for 99 cents!
Folks, that’s 3 books in 3 months, if you’re counting. Which makes this not like George RR Martin at all! There’s even a fourth book coming, though you’ll have to wait until fall for it. (I’m busy knocking out the first three books in my new Chaos and Retribution epic fantasy series, which will come out in the next three months.)

What’s the new book about? Read on…

Ace Lone Wolf, a half-Apache gunslinger with a penchant for trouble, knows from experience that chasing lost treasure never leads to anything but misery. Yet somehow he lets himself get talked into helping an old mountain man search for a wrecked Spanish galleon that legend has it is carrying a fortune in black pearls.
Before he knows it, Ace is up to his neck in trouble once again. The notorious outlaws Frank and Jesse James want his head. The US Cavalry is hot on his trail. A murderous doctor wants his scalp for his collection. Some days it feels like everyone is shooting at him.
But none of those problems compare to what he finds once he actually makes it to the treasure ship and learns what is guarding it…
Part Indiana Jones, part Pirates of the Caribbean, The Black Pearl Treasure is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure with humor and drama enough to please readers of all ages, from young adults on up.