Watching the end of the world digital coverIt’s true. I’m trying to build reviews and I need your help. (Just picture one of those old Uncle Sam wants you posters, but imagine me, who you don’t know from a stick in the mud – hint: I’m the one who doesn’t look like a stick in the mud – in place of Uncle Sam and you as…well, you.)

(here, maybe this picture will help. ps, i’m a little more smiley than him)

So, back on topic. I need help with reviews. You need a great book to read to get your mind off of that whole bag of Cheetos you ate last night (don’t think people don’t notice the orange stains on your fingers, because they do). The solution?

Watching the End of the World.

You know you want to read it. I mean, reality TV, terrorists, bio-weapons, the apocalypse? How can you pass that up? (On a serious note, though this post is meant to be humorous, the book isn’t. It’s action & adventure/thriller/drama.)

Click here, fill out the form, and I’ll send you a digital review copy. In exchange, I hope you will review the book on Amazon and/or elsewhere. (No bathroom walls, please.) That’s it. Easy peasy.

PS Let me know what format you prefer – Word, PDF, mobi, epub.