Hi All,
Wreckers Gate, book one of The Devastation Wars fantasy series, recently underwent what in Hollywood terms would be considered a reboot. This needed to happen primarily because by book four of the series (which I am writing now) the story had taken some unexpected turns and parts of Wreckers Gate just no longer fit right. Also, most of Wreckers Gate was written a good ten years ago and I’ve improved enough as a writer that it deserved a reboot.
Those of you who already read the original version don’t need to worry. The story was not fundamentally changed so what you read is still relevant.
Anyway, from now through Monday, you can get free electronic versions of Wreckers Gate from Amazon.
This is a Kindle version, but Amazon has an app so you can read it on pretty much any device.
Additionally, I have a handful of paperback copies to give away as well (U.S. only). Go to TheDevastationsWars.com¬†and give me your contact info and I’ll send you one.
Thanks for reading,
Eric T Knight