Day after day I post excerpts from my new book (which I am understandably excited about, on account of how positive early feedback is) and I keep thinking: Is this too repetitive? Is there something else rattling around in my skull that I could share instead?
What about videos of dancing panda bears? Is that what people want?
Unfortunately, I have no videos of dancing anything. I could probably find them on the Interwebs, but then so could you. (Since you’re reading this, I assume you have access to the dang thing.)
I don’t haveĀ anything interesting in the way of multimedia to offer the Interwebs. No videos of myself doing anything entertaining. (Trust me, I’m as dull as they come and only slightly more photogenic than your common house plants.) I don’t play music except on my stereo and that doesn’t seem all that impressive. I can’t draw, except for stick figures that all look the same. I don’t, paint, sculpt or pottery-make. I’m good at making rice, but that doesn’t seem all that cool even to me.
In fact, it’s becoming quite clear to me that I have no discernible talents except for writing and even that is debatable. Perhaps I should have taken up the xylophone at a young age. By now I expect I would be quite good at it.
I’ve been at this writing thing for better than a quarter century now (don’t ask which quarter) and, for better or worse, I’m stuck with it. Which means you’re stuck with it.
Well, that’s all for now. I apologize for wasting your valuable time with my rambling and for the fact that the title might have mislead you into thinking dancing pandas could be found here.