Note: picture is not actual size. Ten years on, he’s much larger.

I came across this old picture of my younger son, Daniel, recently, and all I could think was: What the heck is he doing?
Maybe I shouldn’t have let him watch the Exorcist at such a young age?
Whatever he’s doing, it’s clearly frightening his older brother, Dylan, who is obviously cowering in fear in the background.
Then I looked a little further into the folder and I found these. What was going on in our house back then? Was it a new kind of dance? Did he get into the Nyquil?
I offer these as a public service to the world. If you see your child behaving in this way, be sure and take pictures. You are witnessing an attack of cuteness and believe me, when they become teenagers, there aren’t nearly as many of those.
You have been warned.