The happy face of the (temporarily) satisfied author

Whew! Just made it!
Here I am finishing the revision of Landsend Plateau, book 2 in my epic fantasy series. Just in time to get the changes uploaded and ready to go for the big promotion tomorrow (special price of 99 cents on Amazon).

A little background: The series is called The Devastation Wars and it’s complete, all five books. However, once I finished it, I decided to go back through the whole series and do a teeny bit of revising, just to polish it, you know?
That teeny bit? It turned into six weeks on book 1 (Wreckers Gate) and four weeks on book 2 (Landsend Plateau). Geez, what a perfectionist.
But I’m happy with the results. The overall story is unchanged, but the scenes are a lot tighter, loose crap has been cut out, characters given more time to develop, crazy monsters and powers make more sense.
Now it’s time to look at the last three books in the series. They just need a teeny bit of tweaking…
(What, exactly, is name your own price?)