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The Torashad War Chapters 8-9

Tithi Luadthong Chapter 8 One by one the men and women of the Company crested the final ridge and stopped to stare, jaws dropping. “I’ll be damned,” Osra whispered softly. “We’re all damned,” Gorev said. “This just makes it official.” In the distance, perhaps two...

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The Torashad War – Chapters 6-7

Angel123 Crossing the camp, and suddenly Hagen was there, like he popped up out of the ground itself. And maybe he did. No one knew for sure how Hagen did what he did. Half the company was sure he was a shapeshifter. The other half thought he was a shadow walker....

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The Torashad War – Chapters 4-5

FALL OF GODS, JAN DITLEV Chapter 4 Daros groaned when Gorev rang the bell that night to let the mercenaries know dinner was ready. He wasn’t the only one. They’d been marching for weeks on tight rations, but eating Gorev’s food was like playing traps with loaded dice....

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The Torashad War – Chapters 1-3

Daros turned up the collar of his woolen surcoat and scowled at the day. It was cold, the sky the dirty gray of an unwashed blanket. Flurries of snow fell intermittently, whipped by a cutting wind. Here and there in the folds of the land the snow gathered in sullen...

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