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How I met your (Swiss) mother (in Australia) – 3

My lovely wife about 20 years ago. Finally back in civilization, Nick, Jackie and I checked into a local backpackers’ resort called the Melanka Lodge. (Ivan had his trailer to live in.) Before I go further, I need to explain a couple things about backpackers’ resorts...

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How I Met Your (Swiss) Mother (in Australia) – 2

Ayers Rock I didn’t stay long in Cairns that first time around, but quickly caught a ride north to Cooktown with a native lunatic who tried to kill me in the Daintree Rainforest. (I've got a post on that coming later). There were no jobs to be found in Cooktown so on...

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How I Met Your (Swiss) Mother (in Australia)

(Note: This story was originally posted several years ago.) It occurred to me at one point that my children didn't really know the whole story of how I met their Swiss mother. So, inspired by the TV show they like so much and by our rapidly-approaching anniversary, I...

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Eric enters the video age-and much hand-wringing ensues

Working on that Christmas spirit So I finally bit the bullet and started making videos. To say that the whole idea of being in a video makes me nervous is a huge understatement. Think of a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and then imagine there are 10,000 rocking...

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Reflections at the end of an era

I’m almost certainly going to shed some tears while writing this, but I also know I’ll feel better after, so here goes. My son Dylan is nearly 20 and just started his second year at the university. Daniel will be 18 soon, and is in his first year of college. They’re...

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A road trip for the ages…and now I need a vacation!

We did it. Daniel, my younger son, and I made it home Sunday night. We logged 5000 miles in 14 days and passed through a 13 states. I don't think I've ever driven so much in my life. I'm pretty sure my back is now permanently the shape of the seats in my Toyota...

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