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How I met your (Swiss) mother (in Australia) – 5

Now the story gets hard. Before I continue, I need to share a couple things. I realized last week that, in order to do this story justice, I would have to reread the journal entries I wrote during that time. Most of my journals are still in Colorado, where we lived...

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How I met your (Swiss) mother (in Australia) – 4

As it turned out, fate intervened and I didn’t have to arrange for anything unfortunate to happen to Jackie. We had only just started our hike in the McDonnell Ranges when she remembered a phone call she had to make. We arranged to meet at a trail intersection later...

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How I met your (Swiss) mother (in Australia) – 3

My lovely wife about 20 years ago. Finally back in civilization, Nick, Jackie and I checked into a local backpackers’ resort called the Melanka Lodge. (Ivan had his trailer to live in.) Before I go further, I need to explain a couple things about backpackers’ resorts...

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How I Met Your (Swiss) Mother (in Australia) – 2

Ayers Rock I didn’t stay long in Cairns that first time around, but quickly caught a ride north to Cooktown with a native lunatic who tried to kill me in the Daintree Rainforest. (I've got a post on that coming later). There were no jobs to be found in Cooktown so on...

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How I Met Your (Swiss) Mother (in Australia)

(Note: This story was originally posted several years ago.) It occurred to me at one point that my children didn't really know the whole story of how I met their Swiss mother. So, inspired by the TV show they like so much and by our rapidly-approaching anniversary, I...

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Eric enters the video age-and much hand-wringing ensues

Working on that Christmas spirit So I finally bit the bullet and started making videos. To say that the whole idea of being in a video makes me nervous is a huge understatement. Think of a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, and then imagine there are 10,000 rocking...

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