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The Chaos continues!

Chaos and Retribution, that is. Yep, book 2 of my new fantasy series, Sky Touched, just came out a couple of days ago. It continues the stories of Fen, Aislin and Karliss, three young people with the powers of Stone, Sea and Sky. They've done some growing up since the...

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Who's reading what these days?

Right now I’m reading The Goldfinch. It came highly recommended to me by a friend who has generally steered me toward quality books. (Which means he makes me read something besides brain candy sometimes.) It won a Pulitzer Prize. It’s sold a boatload of copies. So I...

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Stone Bound comes out today!

That's right. Stone Bound, book 1 of my new fantasy series, Chaos and Retribution, just released today. Want more good news? It's only 99 cents for a limited time. So there's really no reason not to go pick up a copy, is there? And, in case you're thinking, 'Yeah, but...

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I did it! 350 pages in 6 weeks

It's true. I just finished the rough draft of the second book in my epic fantasy series, Sky Touched. Which I only started six weeks ago. Whew! That was a lot of work. Now, I still have to edit it and revise it, but the heavy lifting is done. It's the fastest I've...

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Who wants to read some preview chapters of the new book?

So I have this new book going on pre-order on Amazon in a few days and I was thinking that maybe some of you out there would like to see a few chapters of it ahead of time. You know, see if you like it. It's called Stone Bound and it's epic fantasy. It will be on sale...

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Happy Friday and here's a new book!

Ace Lone Wolf and the Black Pearl Treasure is now on sale! It's true. The third installment in the Lone Wolf Howls series is now on sale. Best of all, for a limited time you can purchase it for 99 cents! Folks, that's 3 books in 3 months, if you're counting. Which...

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