The confused babblings of someone who’s spent too long in the sun

Dragon Queen of Chaos

Chapter 1 Jarryd’s mother was arguing with the shop keeper, a little man with a round head dotted with random tufts of gray hair. “All the color washed out of this ribbon the first time I washed it. Look at it. It’s practically gray. Who wants to wear a gray ribbon in...

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Shorn’s path of redemption

Shakre was hanging a batch of horsefennel up to dry when she felt his presence. She froze with one arm in the air, cocking her head to the side, sorting through the information fed to her by her deeper senses. At first, she couldn’t place him, but all at once...

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Let’s talk about gratitude

Today I want to talk about gratitude. Gratitude can be a tough thing to practice. Sure, I’m grateful when something new and positive first comes along. But then the daily treadmill takes over, I get buried in the endless details, and I forget all about gratitude and...

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How I met your (Swiss) mother (in Australia) – Finale

During that last week together I wasn’t the only one who figured out that six months apart was going to be way too long. I actually flew out of Sydney a few hours before she did, which meant the six months I’d planned to spend there was cut down to 2 ½ months. New...

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How I met your (Swiss) mother (in Australia) – 7

So Claudia came walking up with this guy, talking and laughing, and my heart just fell through the floor. I suddenly wanted nothing but to run far, far away. I was the world’s biggest idiot. Then she looked up and saw me. She made this little sound, dropped the bag...

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How I met your (Swiss) mother (in Australia) – 6

I did pretty well Thursday afternoon after Claudia flew away. Or at least I thought I did. Then Nick dragged me out of the bar and told me he wasn’t buying my cheerful act. Said he could see it in my eyes, how as soon as there was a lag in the conversation, I always...

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