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Tales from Date Creek Ranch – Time for a real horse

Okay, money in hand, I was ready to buy a horse that didn’t suck! How hard could this be? The first horse we got at the ranch for me to try out looked pretty good. At least he wasn’t swaybacked or 200 years old. I saddled him up and got on. Not once did he try to bite...

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Tales from Date Creek Ranch – Horrible Nags part 2

To round out the triumvirate of Date Creek Ranch nags I was stuck riding as a kid, there was Beauty. Beauty was all black, just like the Black Beauty of movie fame. And right there all comparisons between Beauty and her namesake ended. There was nothing majestic or...

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Tales from Date Creek Ranch – Horrible Nags (part 1)

A view of the old barn By the time I was older, around 10 or so, I was heartily sick of riding the nags we had at Date Creek Ranch. Mom and Dad had good horses. My older sister, Kim, had a good horse, but I was still rotating between Lady (who, as I’ve mentioned...

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Tales from Date Creek Ranch – My little Short Stuff

The Upper Windmill at Date Creek Ranch The first calf I ever raised with a bottle was a little heifer. I was about nine or so and we were driving some cattle back to the corrals. As I recall, I was riding in the drags (that’s at the back of the herd) with Dad and...

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Tales from Date Creek Ranch – Junior the sadistic sheep

This isn't Junior. Junior had devil's horns. At one time or another, we raised all manner of animals on Date Creek Ranch. Chickens, ducks, geese, wild turkeys, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs. If Old MacDonald had it on his farm, at one time or another we had it too. This...

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Tales from Date Creek Ranch – Roundups – Part 3

Another major part of corral work was separating, or “cutting” the cattle. Yearlings and cows that were not producing were cut out to be shipped off and sold. Sometimes there were cows that were slated to be moved to a different pasture. Some cutting was done in the...

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