It’s time to bring fairness to the world of audiobooks.

So, here’s something you might not know. When you buy an audiobook on Amazon/Audible, Amazon keeps as much as 75% of the cover price of the book. (And authors get little to no control over the sale price of their work.) If an author signs an exclusive deal with Audible, they can get closer to 50% – but then they can’t sell their audiobooks anywhere else for years.

I’m out to change that. With my partner, author Sean Hinn, we’re building a new way for authors to sell their audiobooks… and we’re proud to introduce StoryFair Audiobooks – a new audiobook platform where authors are compensated fairly… earning no less than 71% of the revenues from the sale of their work.

If authors can keep more of their own earnings and set their own prices, we can lower audiobook prices for everyone.

I’d like to invite you to try StoryFair, and so I’m offering my newest audiobook, Wreckers Gate, for 50% off – only $9.98.  Narrated by the powerhouse award-winning narration duo Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, Wreckers Gate is Book 1 of the internationally best-selling fantasy series, Immortailty and Chaos. If you order now, you’ll immediately get a download file you can load onto your favorite reading device, and you’ll get free early access to the StoryFair Audiobook app when it releases in the next few weeks. You’ll also get a coupon to download another of my audiobooks for 50% off.

Thanks in advance for giving StoryFair a try… we can’t wait to get your feedback on how to make it the best audiobook app ever!

About Wreckers Gate…


At the gates of a forgotten prison, Wulf Rome discovers a powerful artifact lost for eons.

Now he has a weapon he can’t control, a war he can’t win, and an ally he doesn’t trust.

Who knew seizing the crown was going to be the easy part?

Netra is a headstrong young acolyte who is certain she has been chosen by the goddess.

While the other women in the sisterhood she belongs to are cowering in their rooms, she wants to fight in the war.

The long-lost power of LifeSong is awakening in her. Surely it means she is the One. How can she fail with the goddess on her side?

Immortality and Chaos is the first series in the Chaos Cycle. There are also two sequel series, Chaos and Retribution, and The Dragon Queen of Chaos.