Coming Soon… Eric T Knight audiobooks on HearYe!

So, here’s something you might not know. When you buy an audiobook on Amazon/Audible, Amazon keeps as much as 75% of the cover price of the book. What’s left gets split between the author and the narrator(s).

I personally think that’s a bunch o’ hooey, so a friend and I got together and built HearYe, our own fancy-schmancy audiobook app. For now, I’ll just be selling my books on it (so we can work the bugs out with a limited audience), but soon, we hope to roll this out to other authors, too. 

Would you be willing to give HearYe a try? I could really use your feedback on the app, so we can make it better and better. It’s completely free, and as a thank-you, I’ll give you 50% off of the Amazon price for any (or all) of my audiobooks that you purchase right now.